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The graphic design course page at Bapu Graphics offers a comprehensive and industry-focused training program for individuals aspiring to build a successful career in the field of graphic design.

Through this course, students gain a solid foundation in graphic design principles, techniques, and tools, equipping them with the skills needed to create visually appealing and effective designs.

About Graphic Design Course | Best Graphic Design Course Institute in Delhi

Advanced Graphic Design Course
Saurabh Chugh
8 Months

Best Graphic Design Course Training Institute In Delhi

“A picture is worth more than a thousand words.” We at Bapu Graphics, the best graphic design course institute in Delhi, would teach you to create pictures worth more than a thousand more pictures you have ever seen. A graphic design course in Delhi with Bapu Graphics unleashes your creative thoughts and makes them so beautiful that everyone would be astonished at a glance.

Powerful tools and software packages like Adobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorAdobe Indesign, and CorelDraw with our expertise would enable you to create marvels in the artistic world of Professional Graphic designing. We at Bapu Graphics, a graphic design institute in Delhi, For more than 15 years, offer graphic design courses Online & Offline on different levels such as ADVANCED, SHORT TERM, and SPECIAL as per your requirements, fulfilled by the 17+ Years of experienced faculty, who knows all about graphic designing for Beginners to Masters level.

Best Graphics Design Course Institute In Delhi

Bapu Graphics is the best institute for a graphic design course in Delhi, this reflects in our google reviews and by our track record for the last 15 years. Every student who is getting trained in the Graphics Design course is getting ready to be placed in good companies. Many companies are tied up with Bapu Graphics, one of the best Graphic Design institutes in Delhi, for hiring candidates as Graphics designers, so for you, there’s no better option to start your graphic design course in Delhi.

If you want to join Bapu Graphics, and stay out of Delhi or are a working professional already, then you need not worry as we provide the best online graphic design courses with certificates, so no such candidates have to sacrifice on quality training, provided by Bapu Graphics.

What is a Graphics Design?

Graphics design is planning, understanding, creating, branding, and publishing all your graphics to a Media. Become a Graphics Designer, It needs a lot of designing sense, which generates with proper guidance and practicing on different assignments or exercises, practicals, and projects… the main key to enhancing your skills as a Graphics Designer.

Learning Software or Creating a design on a computer is not all about Graphics Design one should understand the principles of design, and psychological theories about design, develop a color sense, and Typography, and Understand the audience, culture, and message to communicate through your visuals.

Graphics designers not only plan to design but also require knowledge of all the media for which they are working, whether it is Print Media, Web Media, or Broadcast Media. Being a Graphics Designer, it is a very responsible job to get your job to publish in the right size and colors with no corrections.

Software You Will Learn In Our Advanced Graphic Design Course In Delhi

All Graphics design software covered in our Advanced Graphic design course in Delhi will be with their latest versions and commands. Practical application of the software with project training is covered with every software.


Adobe Photoshop

adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator

corel draw


How best Graphic Design institute in Delhi train you as a Graphics Designer

Bapu Graphics has got experienced and specialized trainers to teach you Graphics design. We are training people for the last 15 years in the industry, working with different Media Industries and working on many different projects.

We had a step-by-step well-organized training plan for the learners or starters and also for the professionals who want to achieve one specific goal as Graphics Designers, Bapu Graphics has designed various packages on Graphics Design Courses for different horizons we had a specialized course Graphics Designer for Book Publishers, Fashion Designer, Interior Designers, Film and Video Maker, Shoe Designers, Printers, Digital Marketers, Photographers, Web Designer, Artists, Commercial and Applied art artists, etc.

So Bapu Graphics has a variety of ranges with exclusively customizable Graphic Design courses in Delhi per the candidate’s requirements.

Graphic Design Course Module | Learn Best Graphic Design Course In Delhi

Special Creative Graphics Classes

Module 1

Special Creative Graphics Classes

  • Basics of Computers
  • Design Principles
  • Understanding your audience
  • Past and future of design
  • Vector vs. Raster
  • Color Mode
  • Color Meanings and Importance
  • Hierarchy, Alignment, and Design Balance
  • Typography
  • Case Studies
  • Gestalt theory of Psychology Design
adobe Illustrator

Module 2

Shaping Illustration and Design

  • Creative Visualization
  • Concept Development
  • Scribbling Layouts
  • Icon and Logo Design
  • Landscapes Illustration
  • All Print Media Design
  • Cartooning Illustration
  • Informational Graphics
  • Brochure, Catalogue, and Stationery Designs
  • Designing Presentations
  • Vector Brush Art
Image Manipulation and Effects

Module 3

Image Manipulation and Effects

  • Advance Raster Techniques
  • Vectorising and Retouching
  • Creating Collages and masks
  • Image handling and Control
  • Special Effects
  • Color Correction
  • Photo-restoration technique
  • Brush artwork
  • Matt and Digital painting
  • All Masking Techniques
Pre and Post-Press Know-how

Module 4

Pre and Post-Press Know-how

  • All types of Printing Techniques
  • Graphics File Format
  • Resolution LPI vs. DPI
  • Color Separation and Special Colors
  • Page Assembly Publishing
  • Impositions
  • How Advertising Agency works
  • Managing Fonts in PCs and MAC
  •  Scanning Tips
  • Preparing Files for Service Bureau
  • Color Bars, Cutting, and Crop Marks
  • Margins, Bleed, and Slug areas
  • PDF for Media files
  • Trapping and Overprinting
  • Types of Papers and their Sizes
  • Print Media Cost Estimation
  • Unit Relations and Measurements

Special Topics Covered In Our Advanced Graphics Design Course

Career and Job Opportunities After Learning Graphic Design Course in Delhi

Nowadays Graphic Design is an in-demand career option. In recent years, Growing E-commerce, the entertainment industry, Social Media, and Digital Marketing, have created a huge market for Graphic Designers.

To get the maximum benefit from the growing graphics design industry, graphic designers must know the current technology and trends in the design market. We regularly update our courses to provide training on the latest trends and technology to students.

After the successful completion of a graphic design course in Delhi from Bapu Graphics, talented students get job opportunities from various industries to fulfill their graphic design project needs. The graphic design field provides a professional creative opportunity both nationally and internationally.

So what do graphic designers actually do? The graphic design course is very broad to make a Career in. After finishing your Professional Graphic Designing Course from Bapu Graphic one of the best graphic design course institute in Delhi you can find career opportunities in the following fields.

Job Profiles of Graphic Designer Jobs in Delhi:

Graphics Design Projects In Different Media

Graphic Design in Print Media

Graphic Design in Print Media

  • Basics of Print Media
  • Design Principles & Psychology To Understanding Designer
  • Your Audience
  • Understanding Vector and Raster Designing
  • Brochure and Catalogue Design
  • Illustration Design, Landscapes, and Cartoon Designing
  • Leaflet, Flyer, and Pamphlet Design
  • Product Cover Design, Packaging or Box Design Trending In Industry
  • Book Cover, Magazine Cover, and CD Cover Design
  • Label, Sticker, and Stationery Design
  • T-shirts, Watch, Jewellery, and Cap Design
  • Board and Banner Design
  • Poster Design
  • Advertisement Design With Creative Concepts  Design
  • Newspaper Design
  • Calendar Design (Wall Calender, Table Calender and Pocket Calender)
  • Shoe Design

Graphic Design in Web Media

  • Creative Visualization
  • Concept Development
  • Web Template Design
  • Icon and Logo Design
  • Landscapes Illustration
  • Banner Design
  • Cartooning Character Design
  • Information Graphics Designs
  • Designing Presentations
  • GIF Animation
Graphic Design in Electronic Media

Graphic Design in Electronic Media

  • Designing Promo Commercial Advertisement
  • T.V Program Layout Designing
  • Designing For News Channels
  • Electronic Product Design
  • Special Effects Background Designing
  • Color Correction

Required Qualification or Eligibility To Become A Graphic Designer

Your Interests, Your Creative Mind, and Your efforts are the qualifications required for these advanced graphic design courses Online or offline. No Age bar and No Academic Qualification criteria are to be fulfilled. This is a skill that any student or candidate can attain, there are different programs designed for School Students, Like for Graduates, Undergraduates, Senior Secondary students, or Secondary pass-outs or even a Graphics design course is also designed for kids by Bapu Graphics. The Special Programs for Industry Professionals, which are already active in the Graphics designing industry. Bapu Graphics designs special classes for all kinds of experience candidates, already active in the field of Graphics Design.

For more information What Qualifications Do One Need For Becoming A Graphic Designer? You can read this article at the Bapu Graphics Knowledge center.

A student with creative skills, sketching skills, and drawing skills has additional benefits for doing this best graphic design course in Delhi.

Graphic Design Course Duration, Fees and Track Options

Bapu Graphics the best graphic design training institute in Delhi has customizable options for the course duration, fees, and track, a candidate is comfortable with. We train by giving Individual attention to a trainee and making them focus on practical projects, which help in their career growth. Also, the course can be done in different tracks like Regular Track, Alternate Track, Fast Track, and Weekend Track, with a different number of hours options, which vary in fees structure and according to the purpose & pre-knowledge.

For deciding on which, Graphics Design Duration, Graphics Design Fees and For Graphics Design Track Option is suitable for you you can first avail a free counseling session offered at Bapu Graphics Multimedia Institute in Delhi or on a Phone call.

We also provide animation and graphic design courses with certificates, via offline and online modes, for those who are not able to attend classes in our institute.

Graphic Design Fast Track Course Duration:

Fast Track2 Months2 HoursMon To Fri

Graphic Design Professional Course Duration:

Weekdays8 Months2 HoursMon To Fri
Alternate Days8 Months3 HoursMWF / TTS
Weekends8 Months4 HoursSat & Sun

We work on special customized graphic design courses, where the duration starts from 5 days to 8 months.

Adobe Graphic Design Certificate Courses

Bapu Graphics offers different professional graphic design courses to meet every candidate’s requirement, which targets a specific industry. Our advanced graphic design course covers every aspect of the graphic design industry, and you can design anything or everything. Whereas, industry-specific courses give you exclusive skills for a specific market, like:

Placements After Graphic Design Course

Kavita SinghVivid Visions Advertising
Read More
Kavita Singh's journey led her to Vivid Visions Advertising, a leading player in the advertising industry. Her design perspective, which seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, impressed the team at Vivid Visions. Kavita secured a rewarding placement with a salary package of INR 5,80,000 per annum. In her role, she is actively contributing to the company's vision, bringing fresh and vibrant ideas to their campaigns.
Amit Patel Creative Minds Solutions
Read More
Amit Patel's versatility in design techniques set him apart, earning him a coveted position at Creative Minds Solutions. The company, known for pushing the boundaries of creativity, recognized Amit's potential and offered him a competitive salary package of INR 5,50,000 per annum. As part of the dynamic design team, Amit is thriving in an environment that encourages innovation and artistic expression.
ShilpaPixel Perfect Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Read More
Shilpa's artistic flair and dedication to perfection led her to Pixel Perfect Designs, a renowned firm known for its innovative approach to graphic design. With a generous annual salary package of INR 6,00,000, Shilpa is now an integral part of the creative team, contributing her skills to transform concepts into visually stunning designs. Her keen eye for detail and ability to think outside the box have quickly made her an asset to the company.

What Our Students Says About Us | Graphic Design Course Testimonials

I was been noticing this Graphic Design Institute near me for several years. one day I came here with no knowledge about the multimedia industry, met the faculty, and was been impressed with the way they made me understand everything about it, Then, I talked to my Son who was pursuing his 11th, and he had shown his interest in this course. So I enrolled him at Bapu Graphics for Digital Graphic Design Course and to my surprise, he started earning sitting at home, just after the course. Thanks to Saurabh Sir & Sahil Sir for being so supportive and understanding.

I had been looking for online graphic designing websites, so that I could become a self taught graphic designer, with much of my efforts, I could learn very little. After exploring many options, I decided to join Bapu Graphics, for adobe graphic design classes near me, and it made me a Graphic Designer through a very smooth process of learning. Now I don’t think before advising anyone to join, as Bapu Graphics is the best institute for graphic designing, per my experience and I mean it. Thank You Sahil Sir for making it fun & smooth.

A friend of mine told me about Bapu Graphics which is a senior graphics designer with an MNC. My friend's career had always surprised me as I had never believed that he could achieve something that was a reality. On his constant pursuation, I joined the same course and got placed with an ad agency in Mumbai. Bapu Graphics is really a fantastic place!

Before Joining Bapu Graphics, I had completed 3 online free graphic design courses with certificates, which all together could not provide me the skill, that online graphic design certificate programs by Bapu Graphics instilled in me. A heartfelt thanks to Saurabh Sir for this Graphic Design Program that really boomed my career in the best way possible.

Graphic Design Course FAQs

Ans. Graphic design is a design process that combines text and graphics in a way that is intended to communicate a specific message.

Ans. You will locate visual layouts in business logo designs, and printed materials like pamphlets, posters, indications, greeting cards, postcards, calling cards, billboards, and ads. Advances in innovation have actually brought us to the digital environment full of internet sites, online advertisements, online sales brochures and discussions, and so on.

Ans. Since most graphic designers don’t draw by hand, you don’t really need to be a great illustrator to establish a career in this field, although designers who are also accomplished illustrators have increased opportunities.

Ans. We provide weekend classes, especially for working professionals. Many professionals don’t have time on weekdays but want to learn these courses So, so they can opt for these courses with Bapu Graphics.

Ans. Yes, of course, it is very important to know everything about our institute before joining us. During counseling, we are happy to help you to resolve your queries and arrange a free demo class for you.

Ans. The graphic designer job description includes the entire process of defining requirements, visualizing, and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts, and photos. A Graphic Designer is one, who shapes the visual aspects of websites, product packaging, magazines, books, exhibitions, and more.

Ans. UI designers and graphic designers work on similar types of projects, as it is their goal to create an optimum customer experience and response. However, UI designers are focused more on digital visual displays such as those found on the web and various apps. Their main concern is how easy it is for users to interact with the content as well as where it should be laid out on a page. Graphic designers, on the other hand, work with an array of design layouts, both for print and the web. They are primarily concerned with aesthetics and often work in studios with other graphic designers.

Ans. Bapu Graphics provide one-to-one training at very nominal fees with different course and content option in Graphic Design Courses starting from 8000/-. For more details about the graphic design course price, you may contact our institute or may visit at your convenience.

Ans. Yes, we provide Graphic Design courses online training, and classes for those who prefer online training. We provide live one-to-one training by the same teachers who teach at the center. To attend classes online one should either have a Laptop or a Computer, that too with a fast and stable internet connection. To know the process feel free to contact us

Ans. On the computer screen, images are displayed as a series of dots known as pixels. The more pixels an image contains, the more crisp and precise it will appear on the screen. However, a high pixel count makes for slow loading on web pages, so web images are compressed using the jpeg format. This format offers greater usability, but it restricts the adaptability of an image. Unlike web graphics, print graphics are saved using vector format, which converts an image to a mathematical formula. The formula is used to calculate the size of each component when the image is resized. This format is ideal for print graphics, which require a higher resolution than web images.

Ans. Yes, Short Term Training in Photoshop is also been offered by Bapu Graphics. Photoshop is used by many professionals in the media industry. The students enrolling for this course are targeted to have complete control & knowledge over every aspect of image/photo manipulation and retouching techniques.

Ans. Yes, Short Term Training in Adobe Illustrator is also been given by Bapu Graphics. Graphic artists, illustrators, and designers often use the software to produce images that include elements that are not part of a photograph. This can include line drawings, shapes, text, patterns, and other image elements. From Bapu Graphics you Learn Adobe Illustrator CC graphic design, logo design, and more with in-depth, practical knowledge.

Ans. Yes, Bapu Graphics offers a Short Term Training Course in Corel Draw. Learn to create vector-based artwork with the best graphic designing institute in Rohini, Delhi. Corel Draw is one of the widely used software in the design and printing industry. It allows the users to create highly scalable graphics in RGB as well as CMYK modes. Our instructor-led program acquaints the students with in-depth insights about the software.

Ans. Yes, Bapu Graphics offers Short Term Training Courses for Print and Publishing. Bapu Graphics Print & Publishing course trains you in design and visualization fundamentals, graphics and illustration fundamentals, typography techniques, illustration for print, creating artworks, and designing for print & advertising.

Ans. Yes, Bapu Graphics offers a Short Term Training Course for Web Graphic Design. Web graphic designers decide how websites look, making choices about layout, fonts, and images to create usable and aesthetically pleasing websites. They may also work on individual page elements, such as logos or images, that are incorporated into the final design.

Ans. Yes, Bapu Graphics offers a Short Term Training Courses for Social Media Graphics Design. When it comes to social media marketing (SMM), graphic design is a decisive part of an overall content strategy. That’s why designers should work out visual materials based on the business model and marketing strategy. Not only marketing goals but also social media networks affect visual design.

Ans. Yes, All you need is interest, and passion and anyone can do a Graphic Design course.

Ans. Only very basic skills, like pointing the mouse, surfing the internet, and zeal to become a Graphic designer is needed to learn the fundamentals of graphic design and take it to an advance level.

Ans. Yes, Bapu Graphics offers the Best graphic design courses for beginners, starting from the basics of graphic design courses to converting a novice into an expert.

Ans. You can check our videos on Bapu Graphics YouTube Channel to learn graphic design online for free. And for procedural training with practical assistance, you can enroll in our adobe graphic design classes online at a reasonable charge.

Ans. Our Graphic design full course covers Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign & CorelDraw. Also, Bapu Graphics works on the customization of the candidates, so allow you to include or exclude other software, per your requirement.

Ans. Yes, as we believe; without a solid foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value. So our graphic design foundation course gives you that, to become an awe-inspiring graphic designer.

Ans. Yes, you can as we provide one-to-one training; we work on customization of candidates, so you can get skilled in 3D graphic designing for the project assignment.

Ans. Yes, As nowadays, no business can run without showcasing its services & products in the market or making an appearance on Online Platforms, the Graphic Designers are much in demand. Bapu Graphics is the best platform to learn graphic design, as provides different graphic design-related courses to meet every candidate’s need.

Ans. Yes, we provide top graphic design courses with certificates, to every candidate who wants to learn, irrespective of the country they relate to, via Online & Offline mode, per their convenience.

Ans. Yes, that’s possible with our graphic design short courses online or offline, which would cover the whole content of the Graphic Design Course, but the only extra thing that needs to be put in to learn Graphic Designing effectively is More Practice than regular.

Ans. Bapu Graphics makes you industry ready with our Graphic Designer Training Program that helps you to place in a Job with good salary packages starting from 2.5 Lac PA and then depending on the skills of the individuals.

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