Certified Desktop Publishing Course

Are you interested in advancing your skills and learning about Desktop Publishing? Well, look no further than Bapu Graphics! Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in the field of Desktop Publishing. Our Certified Desktop Publishing Course is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the software, tools, and techniques needed to create stunning visual materials. From designing brochures and flyers to creating business cards, our course covers it all. Plus, our flexible course options will ensure that you can learn at your own pace and according to your schedule. So why wait? Sign up for our Certified Desktop Publishing Course today and take the first step in advancing your career!

What is Certified Desktop Publishing Course

Certified Desktop Publishing Course
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6 Months

Certified Desktop Publishing Course

The process of Certified Desktop Publishing Course involves creating printed materials on a computer. Our Certified Desktop Publishing Course teach you how to create professional-quality print materials using software like InDesign, CorelDraw, and Photoshop. Generally, desktop publishing software is used to create print and digital documents, such as magazines, books, brochures, newsletters, and advertisements.

The course teaches you how to use design software and master layout, typography, color theory, and other essential skills. Taking this course will also help you develop skills that will be useful for a variety of careers, including graphic design and advertising.

Benefits of Joining Certified Desktop Publishing Course Institute In Delhi

Due to the rapid changes in technology today, it has become imperative to keep up with the latest trends and tools. Enrolling in desktop publishing courses is one way to achieve this goal. The following are some of the benefits of joining our institute:

Special training material for the DTP course is provided by Bapu Graphics.

Learning the latest software: You will have access to the latest software when you enroll in a desktop publishing course. You will be able to stay ahead of the curve and be more productive this way.

Networking opportunities: You can network with other professionals by joining a desktop publishing course institute. By doing this, you will be able to find new opportunities and make valuable connections.

Keeping up with industry changes: The desktop publishing industry is constantly evolving. Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and developments is possible by joining an institute.

Improving your skills: You will be able to improve your skills by taking a desktop publishing course. As a result, you will be able to progress in your career and become more successful.

Gaining experience: Joining a desktop publishing course institute will give you valuable experience. When looking for a job or starting your own business, this can be helpful.

Certified Desktop Publishing Course Outline

  • Adobe Photoshop
    • Image Editing Works
    • Working with Vector Shapes and Tools
    • Working with Selections
    • Using Layers with Advance Features
    • Using Camera Raw with Bridge
    • Working with Brushes and Gradients
    • Working with Masks and Channels
    • Automating your Tasks through Photoshop
    • Advance Knowledge
    • Creating output for Print, Web, and Mobile
  • Adobe InDesign
    • Layouting Documents
    • Advance Text commands
    • Working with tables
    • Linking and Editing Graphics
    • Working with Interactive Documents
    • Working with Vector shapes
    • Advance Objects features
    • Character and Paragraph Styles
    • Grid and Guidelines in Adobe Indesign
    • Adobe Indesign Advance Terms
  • CorelDraw
    • Learning the Basics
    • Creating Shapes
    • Line Tools
    • Working With Layers
    • Create a Multipage Newsletter
    • Develop an Original Logo
    • Applying Special Effects
    • Digging Deeper With Shaping Tools
    • PowerClips, Distortion, and Copying Object Attributes
    • Page Layout and Templates
    • Working With Photographs
    • Sharing and Showing Off Your Artwork

Six Month Government Certified Desktop Publishing Course from NIOS

Nios is the National Institute of Open Schooling. It is an autonomous institution of the Department of Education, Government of India. It was established in 1989 as an open and distance learning (ODL) system to provide educational opportunities to those who are unable to attend regular classes. Nios offers various academic and vocational courses at the Secondary and Senior Secondary levels.

In a certificate program in desktop publishing and design, students learn career-specific skills. The courses prepare students to publish a variety of professional documents. Our Six Month Certificate in Desktop Publishing course is designed for students who want to become graphic designers and get a government-certified certificate from NIOS in desktop publishing (DTP).

Objective of the Certified Desktop Publishing Course In Delhi

  • The Desktop Publishing course is designed to provide students with an overview of the skills and software necessary to create documents for print and digital media.
  • In addition to learning about various design software programs, students will also develop an understanding of typography, color theory, and layout.
  • By the end of the course, students will be able to create their own professional-looking documents for both personal and commercial use.
  • This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create beautiful documents, whether for work or for fun.

Why should one Join the Bapu Graphics Certified Desktop Publishing Course

What are the benefits of taking the Bapu Graphics Desktop Publishing Course? There are a number of reasons why someone might want to take the Bapu Graphics Desktop Publishing Course. Here are just a few: 

1. Useful features of all software are covered in this Desktop Publishing Course in Delhi by Bapu Graphics, Examples: Bulletins, notices, logos, bundling, signs, books, flyers, magazines, yearly reports, and banners or posters.

2. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the industry

3. Students are taught by experienced professionals

4. The course provides students with the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications

5. There is a flexible payment plan and the course is affordable

6. Students can take the course at their own pace because it is convenient and flexible

7. In addition to networking with other professionals, the course offers students the chance to learn about the latest industry trends

8. Even after certification, students will receive ongoing support

Jobs or Placements after DTP Course In Delhi

Taking a DTP course can lead to a great career, but there are other options as well. If you have a DTP qualification, here are three other options you may want to consider.

1. Documentation Specialist

DTP courses can help you become a documentation specialist. The purpose of this role is to create and maintain documents for a company. It could include documents such as user manuals, instructions, and how-to guides.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic design may be an excellent career choice if you’re creative and detail-oriented. Your job as a graphic designer would involve creating visual concepts for things like websites, advertisements, and product packaging.

3. Project Manager

Your organizational skills and knowledge of the design process make you an ideal project manager. As a project manager, you will oversee the design and implementation of projects. The project could be completed on time and within budget by working with a team of designers.

Placements after DTP Course

Bapu Graphics runs its own placement cell and till now more than 500 companies are tied up with us. Students get jobs through our placement cell immediately after doing the course or during the course, There are many Jobs options after doing a CSS3 course from Bapu Graphics.

FAQ's About Certified Desktop Publishing Course Training Institute In Delhi

Answer: Desktop Publishing Courses deal with educating students about using software to design and create different types of documents.

Answer: Desktop publishers must have a good eye for how graphics and text will look to create pages that are visually appealing, legible, and easy to read.

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