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Are you interested in learning the art of film making? Bapu Graphics is here to help you! Our film making course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become an accomplished filmmaker. With expert instructors and state-of-the-art equipment, you will gain hands-on experience in all aspects of film making, from pre-production to post-production. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from screenwriting and directing to editing and sound design, ensuring that you have a well-rounded education in the field. At Bapu Graphics, we are committed to fostering your creativity and helping you achieve your dreams of becoming a successful filmmaker. Join us today and discover your passion for film making!

About Film Making Course Institute In Delhi

Film Making Course
Saurabh Chugh
3 Months
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Film Making course

Shooting, lights, camera, action…!! Is all about filmmaking

Not only film direction but a specialized knowledge of all the technical skills that are used in film making such as sound editing, production design, and cinematography are all taken into consideration.

Our goal is to ensure and empower students to artfully, cinematically, and originally tell stories. It is a creative experience for young minds which is also very exciting and rewarding. The workshop will include 2-hour sessions 3 times a week. we will work in small groups. There will be guest lectures by professionals in India and some professional writers and video makers in Los Angeles through the web.

Objective Of Our Film Making Course In Delhi

The student will get practical experience in making films and can fight with different challenges to complete their feature film project. The course preparing expects to outfit its understudies with all parts of film-making and video program generation utilizing computerized video hardware. The vast majority of the competitors willing to be free filmmakers might join the course. The aptitudes learned amid the course might connect in making different sorts of TV Programs and films like notice filmstelefilmsnarrative motion picturesmusic recordings, and so on.

Advantage of Film Making Courses from Our Institute

The film production course has numerous basic modules on cinema feel and between disciplinary comprehension and routine of different types of audio-visual arts that keep running all through the course. The film-making course additionally incorporates one of a kind module, called Insights for the advancement of different individual and sensorial staff inside of the understudies. This sets them up to locate their exceptional type of imagination and sharpen it to exceed expectations in their picked vocation, you take in the essentials of taking a thought from idea to screen. It is perfect for fledglings and anybody with some restricted experience.

  • Learn how to recount a story well, utilizing the audio-visual dialect of cinema.
  • Understand how great chiefs direct the viewers’ perspective.
  • Grasp story stream and visual congruity. Comprehend the 180-degree principle and how to utilize it.
  • Improve your shot-taking abilities.
  • Learn to get the best execution from on-screen characters.
  • Hands-on learning, through shooting practicals, a survey of your work, alters, and exhibits.

In addition:

  • Work on DSLR cameras and FCP.
  • The course incorporates an exceptional, know Your DSLR session.
  • Equipment and an on-screen character will be accommodated.

Film Making Course Syllabus

  • Module 1: Script Writing
    • basics of creative writing and storytelling
    • Writing feature and short films and plays- screenwriting
    • and Playwriting,
    • Writing for TV and other media
    • Basic Communication and dramatic writing
    • Other exercises
    • working with directors and writers in the Industry
    • Additional: writing your portfolios for admissions abroad or further media studies
  • Module 2: Shooting, Editing, Special Effects
    • Camera sessions
    • Onscreen performance
    • behind the scene production work
    • Specialization in Direction
    • working with writers and other professionals
    • Shooting exercises
    • Basic Editing – The Rough Cut
    • Working in the Timeline
    • Navigation
    • Advanced Editing Techniques
    • Editing Tips and Tricks
    • Working with Transitions
    • Advanced Trimming Techniques
    • Trim Edit Techniques
  • Skill Test
  • Copyright Study Material
  • Design Competitions

Benefits of Joining this Course at Bapu Graphics

Special Training material of Film Making course is provided in Bapu graphics.

Jobs or Placements after Film Making course

Bapu Graphics runs its own placement cell and till now more than 500 companies are tied up with us. Students get jobs through our placement cell immediately after doing the course or during the course, There are many Job options after doing a Film Making course from Bapu Graphics.

FAQ's About Filmmaking Course Training Institute In Delhi

Answer: Film Making is a fine art that revolves around the process of conceptualizing a story, scriptwriting, directing, shooting, sound recording, lighting, editing, production controlling, and screening. The film is a medium through which the director conveys his message to the mass.

Answer: Film-making scope and job opportunities are increasing day by day. The world of the entertainment industry is ever-expanding and hence there is a huge demand for these professionals in the industry. 

After their course, the students can work as Camera Production Assistant, Motion Control Operator, Assistant Director, Assistant production Controller, Camera Operator and Camera Assistant, etc initially. But with years they will accumulate experience and can work as:

  • Director of Photography

  • Cinematographer

  • Video Editor

  • Cameraman

  • Videographer and

  • Director

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