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Bapu Graphics is the perfect place to explore Adobe Animate and become a master. Our intricate course is designed to provide you with every essential skill and technique required in the field. With the assistance of our experienced trainers and state-of-the-art resources, you will be able to learn at your own pace and master everything related to Adobe Animate. Our courses are designed to cater to all types of learners – from beginners to advanced ones. Not only this, but with our flexible scheduling options, you can easily fit your education into your daily routine. Plus, our affordable tuition fees make this opportunity even more lucrative for you. So, don’t think twice and enroll in our course now to take your skills to the next level!

About Adobe Animate Course

Learn Adobe Animate Course at Bapu Graphics
Team BG
2 Months

Adobe Animate is the best 2D Animation software to learn, It is Fast and easy to make 2D Animations in seconds. If you are here on this Adobe Animate Course page you are one of the luckiest learners to choose this software as your training part. Because very less learners know about this software and the power of its simple tools and animations. Adobe Animate can do

  • Cartoon Animations
  • Explainer Videos
  • E-Learning Projects
  • Gif Animations
  • Gaming Animations
  • Coding for Games
  • Advertisements
  • Presentations

This Adobe Animate Software is a simple and Fast, complete 2D Animation solution. Many Youtube channels and cartoon animation channels use this Adobe Animate CC Software to create stunning effects in seconds.

Advantages to learn Adobe Animate Course In Delhi from Bapu Graphics

Bapu Graphics is giving training for the last 17 years, Since the Year 2005. From the very beginning, we used to teach Macromedia Flash 5 Software which was further purchased by Adobe and is known as Adobe Animate. And in Bapu Graphics We have regular projects from companies that we use to do with Adobe Animate Creative Cloud Software. Now for students, it is really an Advantage to Learn Adobe Animate full Course from Bapu Graphics because we give

  • Practical Training
  • Experience Faculty
  • Live Projects to work
  • One-to-One Training
  • Create your own Cartoon Story
  • Online Support
  • Create Nursery Rhymes
  • Create E-Learning Tasks
  • Learn to Create Games
  • All Practical classes are assigned Practical Assignments
  • Latest Versions
  • Complete Study Material Notes
  • Principles of Animations
  • Complete Computer Animation Solution

Above are features you will get exclusive for Adobe Animate Training courses, Bapu Graphics in Delhi, Rohini or you can have online classes too for this course, We provide FREE Demo Sessions, and Query Sessions for interested students offline and online.

Adobe Animate Course Outline | Adobe Animate Course Modules

Adobe Animate Motion Graphics Module

Module 1: Creating Motion Graphics


  • Creating Simple Animations with the help of Shapes
  • Frame-by-Frame Animation Techniques
  • Classic and Motion Tweenings to be Cover
  • Gif Animations in Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate Explainer Videos Module

Module 2: Explainer Videos


  • Working with Symbol Animations
  • Planning a Project
  • Creating Graphics
  • Animation of Different Scenes
  • Complete Alignment and Animate Principles
  • Solving Animation Problems through Adobe Animate
  • Practical Project to be covered

Adobe Animate Cartoon Animations Module

Module 3: Cartoon Animations


  • Creating Cartoon Sketch
  • Walk Cycle in Adobe Animate
  • Eye and Lip Syncing
  • Expressions in Cartoon
  • Cartoon Effects
  • Designing and Animating Backgrounds

Adobe Animate Presentations Module

Module 4: Presentations


  • Working on App Intros
  • Company Presentation

Adobe Animate Cartoon Story Module

Module 5: Cartoon Story


  • Planning a Story
  • Designing Illustrations
  • Creating Backgrounds and Different Scenes
  • Animating Complete Children Story
  • Audio Sync

Adobe Animate E-Learning Module

Module 6: E-Learning


  • Start Learning Action Script Codes
  • Creating Interactive Buttons
  • Making Animated Quiz
  • Kids Games to Learn
  • Exporting for Video

Adobe Animate Course Gaming Module

Module 7: Gaming


  • Designing Game Graphics
  • Creating Interactive Element
  • Advance Level Scripting
  • Blast thru and Snake Games to Start with
  • Advanced Gaming Techniques Animation and Effects

The Content in the Modules that we cover, makes it the Best adobe animate cc full course in Hindi and English, Online or Offline, basically with flexible features per candidate’s convenience.

Compare Adobe Animate with other Animation Software

Adobe Animate vs Adobe After Effects

Adobe Animate vs Adobe After Effects

Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects are both 2D Animation Software, but the core difference is that Adobe Animate is Vector-Based Software, and Adobe After Effects is Raster-Based Software, and now we had already explained the difference between vector and raster in our Blog Section. Vector means to work on Shape, Drawing, and Illustration and Raster means to work on Images or Photographs, with the smallest unit as a pixel. But in Vector we had the Smallest unit of Point or a Node.

So this is the main difference Adobe Animate is Vector Software and Adobe After Effects is Raster Software. Due to this Adobe Animate creates files lightweight in small MB else Adobe After Effects create heavy-weight files.

Adobe Animate vs Blender Software

Adobe Animate vs Adobe After Effects

By Comparing Adobe Animate with Blender Software, the core difference is Adobe Animate is a 2D animation software and Blender is a 3D Animation Software. This is the main difference both are Vector Software work in Shapes with the help of nodes and vertex. Animate is used to create Cartoons, Explainer videos, Social Media Posts, Gaming, etc. While Blender is used for 3D Modeling and Animation Purpose and works on Virtual Reality Gaming, 3D Models, Interactive 3D Applications, etc…

Adobe Character Animator Course

Adobe Animate Course Training Institute In Delhi, Learn Adobe Animate Course Online

Yes, with Adobe Animate Software it is a bonus given to every student to learn or take classes on Adobe Character Animator Course, In this, you will be learning additionally with the Adobe Animate Software only in Delhi, Rohini at Bapu Graphics.

In Adobe Character Animator you will be learning to Animate Characters with your expressions and movement in real-time, Select your Cartoon, Record your audio, and with motion graphics and your expressions start Animating your Cartoon, Which is really a good experience and you are done in few minutes, Best Animation Software to learn. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a complete pack of Adobe Animate Software which will get you trained as a professional Animator.

Adobe Animate Course Testimonial

We provide 100% placement after learning this Adobe Animate course from Bapu Graphics. Click here for the Placement procedure followed by Bapu Graphics.

Initially, I tried to learn Adobe Animate on my own, as I was already working on Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, with lots of confidence, but the least results. Later I started looking for adobe animate free courses, and tried a few, but wasted more time, which is more important than money, ultimately while searching for an adobe animate cc online course, I came across Bapu Graphics, and finally, my search was over and in a couple of months completed this course adobe animate, and after adding it to my CV, got an Advance Job role & an unexpected salary hike. Thank You Saurabh Sir for upgrading my skills.

Pranav — Graphic Designer

I was very skeptical about starting Adobe animate cc online course, as I never had taken any online training but due to my health issues I wanted to avoid traveling much, so after lots of research I opted to start it with Bapu Graphics, and today I have no regrets about it. I am working with a reputed firm that too from home. Many thanks for being a guiding star for me Sir. I have already referred 3 of my friend & cousins in the last two months, since I have completed my adobe animate cc training, to join Bapu Graphics for the best adobe animate tutorials and any Multimedia courses.

Anirudh — Graphic Designer

Placements after Adobe Animate Course

Adobe Animate is highly demandable Industry Professional Software, to learn, and after this Bapu Graphics ensures students get 100% placements. After completeinging this Best Adobe Animate Course in Delhi or by taking online classes, you become eligible for variety of Career opportunities, as to become a 2D Animator, Cartoon Animator, Social Media Presentation Maker, work as Game Designer or Developer, Create any kind of Animated advertisements, explainer of infographic videos, E-Learning work in Publishing house and many more opportunities.

Bapu Graphics has tied up with more than Five Hundred Animation Companies to provide you with a Placement. Learning with Practical training makes it Best Adobe Animate Course, and every candidate is been assisted with Placements at Bapu Graphics.

Duration of Adobe Animate CC Course In Delhi

Duration of the course is 80 Hours. You can opt the track per your preference, as Adobe Animate CC Course in Rohini, With Bapu Graphics, provides flexible timings to their candidates, considering their requirements.

  • Weekdays: Mon to Fri – 2 hours class
  • Weekends: Sat-Sun – 3.5 hours class
  • Alternate: MWF/TTS – 3.5 hours class

FAQ's About Adobe Animate Training Courses In Delhi

Answer: Adobe Animate CC is a 2D Animation Software used to make complete cartoon animations, Special Effects, and E-Learning works and also helps in Game Designing and Game Development. Adobe is a company and Animate is the name of the Software and CC stands for Creative Cloud which is the latest version of this Software. Above on this page, the Answer to this Question is given in much detail.

Answer: 2D Animator, 2D Motion Graphics Professional, Flash Professional, Adobe Animator Expert, etc. are a few to name career options a candidate gets after completing this Best Adobe Animate Course in Rohini, with Bapu Graphics.

Answer: The one who is a keen learner, and want to do Animation work fast and steady, way, Interested in Animation principle and loves to move graphics in a creative way, Anyone who is interested in learning, how to create 2d animations and motion graphics can join this adobe animate online course or offline course, per their convenience.

Answer: Bapu Graphics provides the best Adobe Animate training courses in Delhi as we provide our candidates with high-quality Adobe Animate CC training courses and guarantee that it is a satisfying learning experience with us.

We also offer you: Free Class Retake, Money-Back Guarantee, Experienced Instructors

Answer: Yes, we provide classes for Best Adobe Animate Courses online, for those who prefer online training. We provide live one-to-one training by the twenty years of experience faculty, who teach at the center also.

Answer: We provide a Free Demo session and paid training for our courses, we make sure it worth every penny you pay for it and even better salaries. The skills you attain from Adobe Animate CC full course, easily return you the amount you invest in training yourself.

Answer: We believe in Doubt free training, so we prefer to clear doubts, at the time they raise. So be it after, before or during the Adobe Animate Classes we clear the doubt before moving forward.

Answer: Yes, you easily can, as there is no difference in our Adobe Animate Online Course or Offline Course, as we provide individual training via both Modes.

Answer: Yes, As we provide one-to-one training so the focus is on the student’s convenience and requirements, if s/he wants to do Adobe Animate Full Course or customize the content.

 Answer: Yes, Absolutely, as the Faculty at Bapu Graphics is versed with Hindi, English and few other languages. So if anyone, who wants to do this adobe animate cc full course in Hindi, is most welcome.

Answer: You can enroll in our Government Certified Adobe Animate Courses online or offline at any time you wish. Please just bear in mind that your enrolment begins at the point that you register.

Answer: Yes, we have many students who are not Delhi-based. We also offer adobe animate courses online classes, for those who are not able to take classes in our institute.

Answer: Yes, Bapu Graphics Multimedia Institute offers Best Adobe Animate Training courses at very affordable prices, including certificate courses and diploma courses.

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