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At Bapu Graphics, we take pride in being a renowned Multimedia Institute that offers comprehensive and specialized training in various creative fields. Our Advanced Web Development Course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic world of web development.

In this course, you will dive deep into the world of web technologies and gain expertise in building interactive and visually stunning websites. Whether you are a beginner looking to start a career in web development or a professional seeking to enhance your skills, our course offers a perfect blend of theory and hands-on practical training to cater to your individual needs.

About Advanced Web Development Course | Advanced Web Development Course Institute in Delhi

Advanced Web Development Course
Saurabh Chugh
8 Months
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Advanced Web Development Course

The course offers an overview of web development and helps you build the skills to create responsive websites. In addition to covering traditional web development topics, the course also explores newer technologies used to create dynamic and responsive websites.

These include CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP, and more. By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use these technologies to create websites that look great and function well on various devices.

The course is also an excellent way to learn about web development if you are new to the field. The instructor covers all of the basics, from setting up a development environment to working with hosting providers. By the end, you will have a strong foundation on which to build more advanced web development skills.

Advanced Web Development Course Outline | Learn Online Web Development Course

Module 01: Layout Structure (HTML)

Structure, Box division formulae, Forms, URLs, Linking, Scalar Vector Graphics, Media Video, Audio, etc…

Module 02: Apply Design or Styles (CSS)

Background, color, fonts, Selectors, Display, Layers, Menus, Gradients 2D & 3D Animations, Masking, Applying Styles, Variables, etc…

Module 03: Interactivity on Web (Java Script)

Advance Calculations Formulae, Click Events, Loops, Conditions, Date and Time More Events, Advance Form Validations, Hotel, Education, Tour, and Travel Forms…

Module 04: Animations (J-Query)

Advanced Animation Techniques, Image Gallery, Portfolio, Sliders, Show and Hide Animating CSS Classes, Menu, and Navigation Animations, etc…

Module 05: Responsive Designs (Bootstrap)

Mobile, Tab, Monitor, and Large Screen Display Websites, Media Query, Margin Advance Responsive Theme Designs, etc…

Module 06: Dynamic Website Development (PHP-MySQL)

Forms with Database Creations, Shopping Carts, Database Management Dynamic Dashboards, Queries, etc…

Module 07: Content Management System (WordPress)

Managing and Updating Themes, Advance Plugins, Customization through Codes Fast Building Website Techniques, Knowledge of Other CMS also, etc…

Module 08: Online Control Panel

Domain Name Booking, Hosting Space Availability, Online and Managing Website Controlling Mails, Managing Space and Backups, etc…

Web Developing Codes You Will Learn In Our Advanced Web Development Course

In web development, there is something known as front-end development and back-end development. To become a front-end and back-end developer and if you want to build your career in website designing and development you need to learn the following programming skills.


adobe dreamweaver

HTML (the Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are two of the core innovations for building Web pages. HTML gives the structure of the page, and CSS the (visual and aural) format, for an assortment of gadgets. Alongside design and scripting, HTML and CSS are the premises of building Web pages and Web Applications.

HTML 5 (the Hypertext Markup Language)

HTML 5 Course

HTML-5 is an advanced version of HTML that helps us to do any solution with codes, Numbers of new tags are introduced to make developer’s tasks easy and also help in making web technology such as light technology, SVG, Canvas, or All Media tags like audio and videos, All HTML features like Geo-locations, Drag and Drag, local storage, etc.

CSS 3 (Cascading Style Sheet 3)

CSS 3 Course

CSS3 is the latest version to learn styles applied to your websites. Learn CSS3 Animations, Transitions, Effects, Gradient, Text effects, 2D-3D Transforms, Columns, colors, User Interface, and much more.

Java Script

Java Script Course

Javascript is used by all the latest websites to add interactivity, Galleries, popups, timings, cookies, navigations, invocations, arrays, events, mouse events, etc. to any website. For full information on javascript, you can.


Jquery Course

J-query is an advanced version of Javascript which is a client-side language. Learn it in an advance and professional manner in Bapu Graphics with Great tutorials, advanced tips, and tricks. Jquery allows the creation of advanced dynamic web pages. We start coding from the core to advance manner.


Bootstrap Course

Bootstrap contains all CSS classes which are responsible for designing or developing websites. Whether it is Mobile, Tabs, or Monitors Bootstrap designs a website for all Media. Bootstrap is totally FREE to download and use.



WordPress is an easy-to-use blogging software application, as well as has actually swiftly turned into one of the most extensively used blogging layouts out there. You have a choice whether to set up your blog with or

PHP with MySql

PHP Course

PHP is a server-side language that can be directly embedded in HTML. PHP is the language that helps us to manage Data and today this Hypertext preprocessor language is in demand in the industry you can see a developer with PHP knowledge is highly demanded in the industry.

Qualification (Eligibility) needed to join our Advanced Web Development Course

Web Development course can be done after finishing secondary or senior secondary qualification, Some Candidates join this course after graduation too. There is no Age Bar for this course to join, Candidates having experience in the web or graphic design industry can also upgrade their knowledge by learning this web development course. The student with creative skills has additional benefits from doing this course.

Duration of Advanced Web Developments Course (180 Hours)

Note: You can always customize your course according to the content and duration. You may Click here for course customization.

Fast Track6 Months4 HoursMon To Sat
Weekday Track8 Months2 hoursMon To Fri
Alternate Track12 Months3 hoursMWF / TTS
Weekend Track16 Months4 HoursSat & Sun


Career & Jobs Opportunities After Advanced Web Development Course institute

After completing your advanced web development course with Bapu Graphics one of the best-advanced web development course institutes in Delhi, you can work in a web development company or you can work as a freelancer. There are lots of companies that hire web developers for their front-end and back-end web development projects.

The job profiles for a web developer include:

Job Areas for a Web Developer:

Advanced Web Development Course Student Placements

Ritika Arora

Bapu Graphics Certified Web developer

Placed at – HCL

Salary Package – 4.0 Lakhs P.A. CTC

Dev Rawat

Bapu Graphics Certified Web developer

Placed at – Aptra

Salary Package – 3.2 Lakhs P.A. CTC

Purnima Jain

Bapu Graphics Certified Web developer

Placed at – Adaan

Salary Package – 4.5 Lakhs P.A. CTC

Satish Kumar

Bapu Graphics Certified Web developer

Placed at – Athens Labs Ltd.

Salary Package – 2.8 Lakhs P.A. CTC

Advanced Web Development Course Students Testimonials

FAQs About Advanced Web Development Course

Answer: Web development offers high salaries, flexibility, and versatility. But there’s a lot expected of you. Learning web dev skills can lead you down many different career paths, including back-end and full-stack development

Answer: Yes, web developers can work from home, as the job only requires a computer, the internet, and coding software. Many web developers are also able to work from home, which makes it an attractive career option for some.

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