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Are you interested in learning the essential skills and techniques of book publishing? Look no further than Bapu Graphics! Our comprehensive and hands-on book publishing course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about this exciting field. From the basics of formatting and typesetting to the complexities of layout and design, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way. Plus, with personalized attention and small class sizes, you can be sure that you’ll get the support and guidance you need to succeed in your studies.

So why wait? Sign up for our book publishing course at Bapu Graphics today and take the first step towards an exciting and rewarding career in this dynamic field!

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Book Publishing Course
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Book Publishing Course

Bapu Graphics offers a Book Publishing course for all who want to become book publishers. This is a specialization course for publishers. Book publishing is a part of a Graphics design course, which includes all advanced knowledge related to publishing books. Planning a book, size, color, typography, all pre, and post-press techniques.

Objective of our Book Publishing Course

To impart skills at an advanced level of designing books along with providing essential knowledge of pre-press and production thereby making industry-ready professionals.

Our book publishing training courses has raised and given number of Book Publishers to the industry with extraordinary Book editing and book publishing classes, and self publishing classes. These classes with 100% practical content and practice, given the utmost confidence to the begginers & existing Book Publisher to stand out in the industry.

How Our Book Publishing Courses Help Students & Working Professionals ?

Students get full knowledge of the making of books and students to work on more than five live projects from planning, designing and publishing the books by different publishers. This course gives complete practical knowledge to students through practical training on live projects. Educational books, Magazines, Newspaper layouts, Novel settings, directory making, and working on encyclopedias are all part of this course.

Amazon KDP course by Bapu Graphics:  Our Amazon KDP course offers all that a Book Publisher should know to publish books on Kindle, which is widely accessible and advanced innovation in the world of books. So, learning to work on KDP with the Amazon kindle publishing course, adds a great value to your skills.

Book Publishing Course Module

Module 1: Planning Books

planning books

When we start making books, planning is the first thing we need to do. One should have a sound knowledge of what he/she is offering to the readers. The planning is pen paperwork and the better the planning, the better will be the results.

  • Plan to write books
  • Planning Graphics
  • Illustrations work
  • Proofreading
  • Editing Symbols
  • Types of paper
  • Paper sizing
  • Choosing the Type of Book (Paperback, Hardback or eBook)
  • Understanding Color Modes

Module 2: Designing Books

Designing Books

After planning the complete book we learn the designing software, which will make the soft copy of the book, Designing a book in software by learning all commands will make the project easier and fast editing and managing tools for books help the designer.

  • Master Page
  • Index Page
  • Making character and paragraph styles
  • Managing Book in software
  • Editing Images
  • Advanced text managing techniques
  • Page numbering
  • Taking margins, Bleed, and slug area
  • Cover Designing
  • Image Manipulation
  • Tab Settings
  • Vector and Raster techniques
  • Coloring Artwork

Module 3: Pre and Post Press techniques

book printing

After book design is complete in the software then it is time to learn pre and post-press techniques. This module is most important because now the book will be ready to print and send for printing. Thousands of books are going for printing Even one error can lead to huge monetary losses. The motive of this module is the right printing of the book.

  • Imposition
  • Typography
  • Cost calculating techniques
  • Printing techniques
  • Offset printing
  • Advanced Print File format
  • Prepare for the service bureau

Module 4: Marketing and Advertising Of Your Book

Marketing and Advertising Of Your Book

This module is designed to provide you an effective marketing and advertising strategies specifically tailored to the book publishing industry. Whether you are an independent author or part of a publishing house, understanding how to promote and advertise books is crucial to success in today’s competitive market. This module will cover key concepts, strategies, and practical tips to help you reach your target audience and maximize book sales.

  • Building Your Book Marketing Plan
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Offline Marketing Strategies
  • Promotional Materials and Content Creation


  • Quizzes and assignments after each module.
  • Final project presentation and evaluation.
  • Participation in class discussions and activities.


The candidate will be awarded the book Editing and publishing certificates by Bapu Graphics after covering complete Training Modules. Even a work experience certificate will be provided after placements at the companies tied up with Bapu Graphics.

Benefits of Joining Book Publishing & Book Editing Courses at Bapu Graphics

  • Special Training material for the Book Publishing course is provided in Bapu Graphics, which covers 100% of the course content.
  • 1on1 sessions to all the students, as we believe that all the students have different learning ability, some learns fast and some take their own good time to complete editing publishing courses.
  • Online/Offline Support for lifetime , to all our students, that in case of any doubts, they may reach us online/offline, during editing & publishing of books, after book courses.
  • Customization in offline or online book editing courses, per the requirement & eligibility of the candidates.
  • Training for the course book designing on latest software in the industry.
  • Placement Assistance as we say “You just need to master the skill, and you will be served with a job” after our offline or online book editing courses.

Career Opportunities After Completing Book Publishing Course

Books Editors

Books editors are in the matter of discovering abstract ability and after that working with those journalists to distribute their books. Not just do book editors look for some kind of employment to distribute, yet they likewise alter an author’s work, shaping it into the last item that hits the racks. In case you’re energetic about perusing, and you’re a solid essayist with an extraordinary eye for good narrating, a profession as a book proofreader may be a good fit for you.

Copy Editors

Copy editors work in different fields of media – for daily papers, magazines, and sites. In book publishing duplicate editors work with editors and ensure writers’ original copies are clear of syntactic blunders. While numerous duplicate editors/Copy editors work 40 hours per week, this vocation is additionally perfect for those searching for low maintenance fill in the same number of organizations contract duplicate editors on an “as required” premise.

Literary Agents

Literary Agents are in the matter of discovering abstract ability, similar to book editors, just prior all the while. Scholarly specialists find promising writers, offer their books to book editors, and take a cut of the returns after that. A feeling of how to offer and bundle an author – alongside a feeling of what sort of books will offer in the commercial center – is vital to achievement in this vocation.

Literary Scouts

Somebody who works in the business once let me know the employment of a Literary Scout is one of the best-kept privileged insights in publishing. Scouts find books – for outside distributors or film studios – to be distributed abroad or to be adjusted to the screen. As it were, whether you want to peruse, this may be a perfect position for you.

Publicist/ Marketing experts

Marketing experts can work in different media fields, and in addition in the corporate world. Working in book publishing, a marketing specialist more often than not works for a publishing house and tries to get press consideration for the books and writers that the house distributes. If you’re occupied with exposure and cherish books, being a marketing specialist at a publishing house is a legitimate fit.

Publishing Manager

Publishing managers oversee the entire process of getting a book from manuscript to publication. They coordinate with authors, editors, designers, and marketers to ensure a smooth publishing journey.

Jobs or Placements after Book Publishing course

After completing a Book Publishing course from Bapu Graphics, students have a wide range of exciting job opportunities waiting for them. With over 500 companies tied up with the Placement Cell of Bapu Graphics, students receive continuous support and monitoring throughout their training to ensure they meet industry standards and are well-prepared for their future careers. Whether students choose to pursue the course online or offline, the Book Editing and Publishing industry offers a plethora of job options.

The Book Publishing industry is dynamic and ever-evolving, offering diverse career paths to individuals with a passion for literature and storytelling. With the strong industry connections and training provided by Bapu Graphics, students of their program are well-positioned to embark on successful and fulfilling careers in this field.

Duration of Book Publishing Course In Delhi

The duration of the course is 3 Months as the book publishing classes online or offline, via both modes takes average of 2 Hours on the weekday track of Monday to Friday, 3.5 Hours on the weekend track of Saturday & Sunday, and 3 Hours on the alternate track on MWF or TTS. Bapu Graphics allows the students to get their book publishing classes online or offline aligned per their convenience. Flexibility in timing keeps the students motivated to not miss their book publishing classes and be regular to report in our publishing training center.

As Bapu Graphics provides different Book Editing & Publishing Courses, per the requirements of the aspiring candidates, every course has different duration, based on the content of the training. Like:

  • Publishing short courses
  • Digital publishing courses 
  • Certificate course in book publishing
  • Low content publishing course
  • Diploma in book publishing
  • Book marketing course
  • Kindle publishing course
  • Self publishing course and so on….

Bapu Graphics Book Publishing Course Students Placements

In a world where the publishing industry is constantly evolving, the Book Publishing course at Bapu Graphics has been a beacon of excellence, nurturing talents and shaping future professionals. Let’s take a look at few of our students who completed their Book Publishing course at Bapu Graphics and have now secured promising placements in renowned publishing companies across India, not only achieving their dreams but also setting new benchmarks in the field.

Kiran – Bloomsbury India

Kiran’s journey in the publishing industry began with a strong foundation at Bapu Graphics. Her keen eye for design and layout, honed during her Book Publishing course, secured her a

Read More »

These success stories of Anika, Rajesh, and Priya serve as a testament to the quality of education and training provided by Bapu Graphics. It’s not just a course; it’s a pathway to a promising career in the dynamic world of book publishing. As they continue to flourish in their roles at renowned publishing houses, they inspire aspiring publishers to follow their dreams and turn their love for books into a fulfilling profession.

Bapu Graphics continues to nurture talents and shape the future of publishing professionals, ensuring that the world of literature in India remains vibrant and ever-evolving.

Book Publishing Course Students Testimonials

FAQ's About Book Publishing Course Training Institute In Delhi

Answer: Yes, Bapu Graphics provides training for book publishing courses online for Diploma and Certificate programs at very affordable prices.

Answer: Yes, you can definitely pay in installments after enrolling in the courses. We also provide different modes of payment you can pay your fees in cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, and online payment. But if you pay fees on the one-time payment you can get an extra discount.

Answer: Yes, you will need access to a computer. Because the vast majority of all work is completed on-screen and if you are interested in taking online classes for that you need a computer.

Answer: After completion of one of our Book Publishing courses you will immediately find freelance or in-house work. It takes time and effort to become an established editorial professional, but it can be a very rewarding career.

Answer: Yes, the digital publishing course training would be on the software in computer, which makes it easy for online, by sharing the screen

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