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Adobe Photoshop Delete Anchor Point Tool Tutorial Classes

Adobe Photoshop Delete Anchor Point Tool

What is Delete Anchor Point Tool?

The Delete Anchor Point Tool deletes anchors and reshape existing vector shapes/ paths (shape outlines).

Delete Anchor Point Tool is just listed below the Path Selection tool. With the help of Delete Anchor Point Tool, we can modify lines, curves, shapes. For most users, the Delete Anchor Point Tool provides the most effective control and greatest accuracy for drawing. With the assistance of this tool, we can edit drawn path.

Select the Delete Anchor Point Tool and place the pen tip where we want to delete the extra point to modify the currently drawn path. After deleting the point the tool changes to direct selection tool, with which we can improve the path.



  • We are having this image which we intend to select. delete-anchor-example1
  • Right here we could draw with pen tool as well as after draw with this tool, we observed that it require some even more adjustments. Now we must delete anchor point and readjust in this way. delete-anchor-example2
  • After modifying, simply select the image. delete-anchor-example3

How to Use Delete Anchor Point Tool?

To delete an anchor point: Select the Delete Anchor Point tool, position the arrow over the anchor point, and also click it. The anchor point goes away, while you maintain your path intact.

  1. In the Toolbox, select the Delete Anchor Point Tool.
  2. Click an anchor point to remove it.
  3. Click and drag to delete anchor point and reshape the line.
  4. Drag direction point (handle) to reshape the line.

More Options for Delete Anchor Point Tool

Tutorials for Delete Anchor Point Tool From Youtube

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