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What is Spry Menu?

A tool that is used to create menus and sub menus in Dreamweaver CS6 is called “Spry Menu Bar“. It’s very easy to create. Adobe Dreamweaver includes a powerful and easy navigation-building tool—the Spry menu bar. With it, you can put all your site’s most important links into a compact horizontal or vertical menu

Add Spry Menu Bar

To add the spry menu bar into your website, Go to Menu Insert > Layout Objects > Spry Menu Bar


Then a dialog box opens with two option, Horizontal and Vertical. Select an option and press Ok. Here we have selected the Horizontal menu bar.


After clicking Ok, the Horizontal menu bar appears as below with default names like item 1, item 2, item 3, etc

Edit Spry Menu Bar

To edit the item names either double click on the menu tab or use the Property inspector.

You can add menu or submenu items by selecting any item, listed in the Property inspector and then by clicking on the plus (+) sign at the top of the corresponding menu field. To delete a menu item, select the item and click the minus (-) sign.


Now I am going to rename the main menu items with my own menu names.


On the right side of the property window, you can find a field named “Text”, there you can type the menu items name like Home, About Us, etc… The changes will appear immediately


Hence after renaming the main menu items, the Menu bar will be similar as below


Now we need to edit the submenu items. The submenu already has some default names like item 1.1, item 1.2, etc.

Add or Delete Menu Bar

You can add or delete menus and submenus by clicking the symbols “+” “-” which present above the submenu column or second column. We can create “n” number of menus & submenus.


Rename the submenu items with your own submenu names using the similar method which you have done for the main menu. Submenu item can also has submenus. In the Property inspector, select the name of the main menu item to which you want to add the submenu. Then click the plus button above the second column to create a new submenu item.


Finally we have created the spry menu bar using the Dreamweaver. While saving the file it will automatically create a SpryAssets folder with javascript and css.


This Spry Menu Bar has default rollover color option. You can also customize or restyle it by changing the text, colors, fonts, and other options using SpryAssets.


Spry Menu Task 1

Spry Menu Task 2

Spry Menu Task 3

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