Adobe Photoshop Image Menu

Adobe Photoshop Image Menu

The Image menu groups’ together features for dealing with images and also your canvas. You could resize files, adjust curves and levels, duplicate pictures, as well as rotate photos from here.

Available Submenu in Image Menu


This is where you alter the current document’s color mode and also bit depth. You can select from Bitmap, Grayscale, Duotone, Indexed Color, RGB, CMYK, Laboratory, and Multichannel color modes and also 8-, 16-, and 32-bit photos.


From here you can alter the colors and also total tonal high quality of your image.

Auto Tone

This command examines the present image and also tries to change its overall colors making it look better.

Auto Contrast

This command adjusts the contrast in between light and dark areas in your images so that highlights appearance more vibrant and shadows look darker.

Auto Color

Artificial illumination could skew the colors in your pictures, so utilize this command to shift them back so your image looks more all-natural.

Image Size

This option lets you change your image’s resolution as well as size.

Canvas Size

Pick this option to change your document’s size without changing its file size or resolution. Utilize this choice if you need more space in your document but don’t want to resize the components that are already there.

Image Rotation

Utilize this item’s options to rotate your image and also canvas. You can choose one of the presets like 1800 or 900 clockwise” or choose Arbitrary and also go into the variety of degree you intend to rotate your image.


This command saves the area you’ve selected and deletes every little thing else, leaving you with an image that’s just as huge as the area you chose.


Like Crop, this command allows you cut an image down to size, but it doesn’t erase the locations outside the remaining image. Trim command deleted the empty area in photos for e.g. you can trip all the transparent pixel around the image border.

Reveal All

This command reveals you all the hidden elements in your image.


This command makes a copy of your current document as well as allows you offer the copied file a new name.

Apply Image

The Apply Image command lets you combine a layer and also channel from one document with a layer and channel from another document utilizing the blend mode.


This command works a lot like Apply Image, yet rather than combining layers and channels, it combines just channels


The Variables menu allows you mark areas of your document as placeholders for various other photos or text that Photoshop adds immediately from a defined data resource. This command allows you create effective document templates that you could utilize to produce several versions of the same standard style (with various pictures and/or message) automatically

Apply Data Set

When you have actually created a document template containing variables, you can select this menu option to tell Photoshop where the variable data lives- the various other pictures and/or text- so it can immediately develop the numerous versions of your document.


This command lets you establish the spread of objects in your photos, which controls how much color overlap where they intersect. This setup is necessary in offset printing;

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