Adobe Photoshop Type Menu

Adobe Photoshop Type Menu

In Variation CS6, Photoshop has added a brand-new primary menu command– Type. A lot of the commands on the Type menu could likewise be discovered on the Options bar, as well as the Paragraph and also Personality panels. Others have been vacated the Layer ? Type menu and into the Type menu.

Here’s what you discover on this new menu:

Available Submenu in Type Menu


Pick from the Paragraph Panel, Character Panel, Paragraph Styles Panel, or Character Styles Panel.


The submenu consists of four different sorts of smoothing to use on your text, plus none (which leaves your text unsmoothed). For small type, try Sharp to avoid your type from being too fuzzy around the sides. However the exact results rely on the font, so be sure to glance at your type


Choose between vertical as well as horizontal text alignments. Simply pick the type layer you want to change and also choose Type ? Orientation ? Horizontal or Vertical. This option deals with point type and also paragraph type, although the results you obtain from switching over the paragraph type to vertical orientation might look odd.


When you deal with OpenType fonts, you might find that they include tables of different font attributes. These tables allow you to use various designs, such as real diagonal fractions; alternate Old Style characters; fancy cursive type capital letters (Swash and also Titling); bands (created to take care of the kerning of certain awkward letter mixes, such as fi and tt); and decorative fonts (believe dingbats or wingdings), such as leaves and flowers.

Extrude to 3D

This function, that makes type look three-dimensional, is just discovered in the extended variation of Photoshop CS6.

Create Work Path as well as Convert to Shape

You can convert your type to either a work Path or Shape as well as them as you would certainly any other path or shape with the Pen and also Option tools.

Rasterize Type Layer

Rasterizing type layers allows you to use filters on your type as well as merge the type with various other pixels in your picture.

Transform to Paragraph Text

This option will convert point text to paragraph text

Warp Text

This option lets you warp and also bend text using 15 various kinds of distortion

Font Preview Dimension

Pick from different sizes, from little to large, to preview fonts in your font menu.

Language Option

If you are using the same language where you installed Photoshop, you could leave this option on Default Attributes. If you are using Eastern Oriental or Middle Eastern fonts, select those options to have gain access to suitable options.

Update All Text Layers

When you import bitmap type layers created in older versions of Photoshop, select this Option to transform them to vector type.

Replace All Missing out on Fonts

If your data makes use of fonts that are not set up on your computer system, you will get an alert dialog box when you open the data. If you then attempt as well as modify one of those type layers, Photoshop notifies you to substitute another font. You can, nonetheless, prevent these bothersome texts by choosing Type ? Replace All Missing Fonts and also choosing your brand-new desire font for all type layers.

Paste Lorem Ipsum

This brand-new Option allows you to paste placeholder text like you could in Adobe InDesign. Simply drag a text box with the Type tool and also choose Type ? Paste Lorem Ipsum. Your designated space is filled with placeholder text, which you could then style you desire.

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