How to Learn Graphic Design at Home

Today in the online digital world, nowhere are many simple options to learn graphic design at home, From home, some students start learning their course from YouTube Tutorials Videos, but get confused about how to learn graphics design at home, from where to start, which all steps to follow, which YouTube video are the best one to follow for the courses.

Steps to follow you are doing the course, here at this link Steps to Become an Expert Graphic Designer, This link is for the candidates who should keep all things in mind before joining any of the course, this is a checklist that you should follow before joining any institute, online tutorial or any other way you want.

How to Learn Graphic Design at Home?

As this course is a practical course and needs practice a lot, so while you are doing the course you should focus on these points for which I had given a formula S.P.A.C.E.

  • S stands for SPEED
  • P stands for PRACTICE
  • A stands for ACCURACY
  • C stands for CREATIVITY
  • E stands for EXECUTION

So if you are doing the course from any source or media, you should keep in mind this formula that you follow these five steps very clearly, and need a Mentor / Guide / or Teacher who can make you run on these five steps where you will require professional training under an experienced teacher, who can give your answers immediately, solve your problems instantly, find your mistakes, how to improve your work or can increase your creativity too by different exercise.

Next question arise

From Where did I get this Professional Graphic Design Course Training ?

Bapu Graphics is the institute that provides online training with all these solutions, one-to-one sessions, Live Video online training, Individual attention, with 15 plus experienced teachers, who will work from proper syllabus from scratch to Advance level, making you perfect with placements.

Now it’s easy from home to become a professional Graphic Design and begin your career, Bapu Graphics for the last 16 years providing courses and build careers of thousands of Students, you can avail a Demo Class and begin your Graphic Design course from scratch.

Steps to follow for Graphic design course at Bapu Graphics

Step 1 : Planning a Design

Understanding Requirements, Work on size, media, colors, Sketching a Layout, Be Creative, Understanding your audience, Be kind to Design Principles, Selecting Technology are all in-depth techniques to start a design

Step 2 : Implementation of Design

What you had thought in your mind or sketch on paper or explained to your client, Now it’s time to implementation, Here the Practical’s begins for a different software, Practicing, Projects, Professional training starts, and you should be perfect in each and every one of your tools and commands you are provided in software, for making you fast, accurate and creative.

Step 3 : Output to Media

Media knowledge is the most important knowledge to be known by Graphic Designer, which means for which media you are making design, a designer should know and how to output your design for that media, whether it is Print Media, Electronic Media, Online Media

Graphic designers should know all kinds of printing techniques, whether it is offset printing, digital printing, or screen printing. types of printing machines, setting cutting or Crop Marks, Measuring Sizes, Special Color Printing, Pixel and Resolutions for Mobile apps and web media and various kind of knowledge is required which will be cover in detail and each step of Graphic Design Course will be taken care at Bapu Graphic Institute.

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