Learn Adobe Photoshop Count Tool

Adobe Photoshop Count Tool

What is Count Tool?

The count tool is just found in the extended version of Photoshop. Its main use remains in areas such as scientific as well as medical imaging, where it serves for recording the number of items that appear in a specific photo. For example, in the Figure 1 example, I chose the count tool and also clicked on all the red/brown pebbles in the picture to count how many there were. You could see exactly how the individual rocks have a count number overlaying them and the total count number shows up in the count tool Options bar shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1 in this photo you can see an example of where I used the count tool to count all the specific red/brown pebbles. The count numbers are displayed overlaying the picture, yet these will not show when you print the image.


Figure 2 the count tool Options bar. You could choose a custom label color that will certainly finest offset against the color of the items that you mean counting. This color could also be transformed retrospectively, so you can make adjustments to the count number overlays after you have actually finished counting them.

How Use Count Tool

Manually count items in a picture

  1. Select the Count tool (situated beneath the Eyedropper tool in the Tools panel).
  2. Choose Count Tool options.
    • Count Group: A default count group is created when you include count numbers to the picture. You could develop several count group, each with its own name, marker and label size, and also color. When you add count numbers to the picture, the currently chosen count group is incremented. Click the eye symbol to show or hide a count group. Click the folder icon to produce a count group, the Delete icon to erase a count group. Choose Rename from the Count Group menu to rename a count group.
    • Color: To establish the color for the count group, click the Color Picker.
    • Marker Size: Go into a value from 1 to 10, or use the scrubby slider to change the value.
    • Label Size: Get in a value from 8 to 72, or make use of the scrubby slider to transform the worth.
  3. Click in the photo to add a count marker as well as label:
    • To move a count marker, move the pointer over the marker or number up until the cursor modifications to the instructions arrowheads, after that drag. (Shift-click to constrain the drag horizontally or vertically.).
    • Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac OS) to eliminate a marker. The overall count is upgraded.
    • Click Clear in the options bar to reset the count for the presently selected count group to 0.
  4. Keep in mind: Counts already recorded in the Measurement Log are not changed by removing count numbers from the picture.
  5. (Optional) to change count groups, select a different group from the Count Group menu, or click the folder icon to create a count group. Subsequent clicks update the presently picked count group.
  6. (Optional) to display or hide the count numbers:-
    • Choose View > Show > Count.
    • Choose View > Extras, View > Show > All, or View > Show > None.
  7. (Optional) Choose Analysis > Record Measurements or click Record Measurements in the Dimension Log panel to tape the count number to the Dimension Log.
    Note: To record a count to the Dimension Log, you have to have Count picked as a measurement data point. Choose Analysis > Select Data Points > Custom and choose the Count data factor in the Count Tool area.
  8. (Optional) Choose File > Save to save any count numbers and also count groups you have actually included in the photo.

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