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The Art of Computer Animation & Digital Graphics
The Art of Computer Animation & Digital Graphics

Computers revolutionized everything… our lives, our lifestyle and also the way we work. Computers also brought significant changes in the art forms… creating a graphic or 3D/2D character and manipulating special effects. Advanced computer simulations and programming software have begun to play the role of digital drawing boards. What used to be Arts, has certainly paved the way towards development of Digi-Arts.

The age old days of drawing animations by hand are just over from the scene. It seemed to be a laborious task for the artist to create human caricatures and other solid figures. Moreover, the characters and other figures drawn were not attractive. But with the recent revolution in information technology, new range of software have come out that can not only create scintillating graphics but one can also easily animate them  by manipulating the frames per seconds (FPS) notation.

Whether we talk of 3D animation or 2D animation, or designing a graphic, what really matters is training. Your intellect should be in synch with training you received at animation and graphic design institute. Delhi, the capital of India, and indeed a heart throb center too, has become a vibrant hub of multimedia education. You will come across good animation institute in Delhi, offering exclusive and bespoke graphic design courses in Delhi. For all those aspiring digital animators or graphic design artists, it is very important that they look through the course curriculum offered by institute. It will help them to make sound choice and bring difference to their learning and education.

Check on the Following Factors

  • Is the animation and graphic design institute offering high quality training program?
  • Does the institute offers job placement opportunities to the fresh animators and graphic design artists?
  • What animation and graphic software are used?
  • Is personal attention provided during training?
  • What Types of Practical Tests are given to the students?
  • Does the animation and graphic institute has trained faculty?

It is quite necessary that you seriously look into all of the above factors and based on it make the choice of animation and graphic design institute.  Remember! Animation and graphic design industry is competitive and if you make any wring choice in the beginning, you will have to face the repercussions of it.

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Published: November 16, 2022
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