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Tips To Use Type Tool in Adobe Photoshop
Tips To Use Type Tool in Adobe Photoshop

Tips To Use Type Tool in Adobe Photoshop: The Type tool enables you to add text to your document. You could utilize text on a variety of jobs, for instance, you may add text to your images to make a poster, holiday card, or invitation card. You’ll likewise have the ability to customize the text to fit your demands.

How to Use Type tool:

  1. Find and choose the Type tool in the Tools panel. You could likewise press the T key on your keyboard to access the Type tool any time.


  1. In the Control panel near the top of the screen, select the desired font and text size.


  1. Click the Text Color picker, then select the preferred color from the dialog box.


  1. Click and drag anywhere in the document window to develop a text box.


  1. A brand-new text layer will certainly be included in your file. You can begin keying to add text to the layer.

If you intend to add a more of text to your document, you could find it less complicated to deal with multiple text layers. This will certainly provide you more control over the appearance of your text. In the example listed below, we’ve added a 2nd text layer for words hills.


Tips for Type tool

If you intend to edit a text layer, you’ll have to double-click the layer icon in the Layers panel. You can after that change the text, resize the text box, or use the options in the Control panel to select a different font or modify text size and color.


For even more text formatting options, go to Window -> Character to view the Character panel.


If you want to move the text, you’ll need to choose the Move Tool then click and also drag it to the preferred place in the document window.


Rasterizing text

If you try to use specific tools with a text layer, such as Filters, you will certainly get a warning message asking if you wish to rasterize the text, as shown listed below:

Rasterizing suggests the text will certainly be exchanged pixels, allowing you making image adjustments that normally don’t deal with text. The disadvantage is that you’ll no longer be able to modify the text, alter the formatting, or convert it back to a text layer. For that reason, you must just rasterize your text if you definitely should. If you do not want to rasterize it, just click Cancel to maintain the text layer in its present layout.


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Published: October 1, 2022
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