5 Unknown Photoshop Tricks You Probably Don’t Know: photoshop is one of the most feature-rich as well as loaded applications on the software program market today. You can utilize the application for two decades as well as still not know a lot of the things you can do with Photoshop. In this Article I will go through 5 Unknown Photoshop tricks that you probably did not know.

Unknown Photoshop Tricks

5 Unknown Photoshop Tricks Checkout Below

1: Advanced Blending Options

Uncheck “Transparency Shapes Layer” in the Layer Styles panel to make pixels blend differently when using blend modes.

2: Precise Flare Window

You can bring up a special “Precise Flare Center” window to add a lens flare to exact locations in your photo.

 3: High Contrast Clouds

Instead of the usual clouds layer you get when you render clouds, you can render high contrast clouds.

4: Black and White Adjustment Layer For Color Control

You can use a Black and White Adjustment Layer to control the luminance values of specific colors in your photo.

5: Open One Image In Two Windows

You can have the same photo open in two windows that are side-by-side, with one view zoomed in and one view zoomed out.

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