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Bapu Graphics offers an exceptional Google Map Course that equips students with knowledge and skills to harness the tool’s complete range of benefits. This highly engaging and practical course is taught by experts providing live demonstrations and hands-on exercises. It is designed for students of all levels who want to enhance their skills in spatial analysis, geocoding, visualization, and other advanced features. Students can rest assured of top-notch instruction and guidance on how to master the intricacies of Google Maps and leverage it to their advantage.

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About Best Google Map Course Training Institute In Delhi

Google Map Course
Team BG
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Google Maps is a Web-based administration that gives nitty gritty data about land areas and destinations around the globe. Notwithstanding routine guides, Google Maps offers aeronautical and satellite perspectives of numerous spots. In a few urban communities, Google Maps offers road sees containing photos taken from vehicles. If you are searching for the best Google Maps Course Training Institute In Delhi then Bapu Graphics is perfect for you. Learn Google Maps API Online Course With Certification.

What is Google Map?

Best Google Map Course Training Institute In Delhi

Google Maps is a desktop web mapping administration created by Google. It offers satellite symbolism, road maps, 360° all-encompassing perspectives of lanes (Street View), ongoing activity conditions (Google Traffic), and course making arrangements for going by foot, auto, bike (in beta), or open transportation. Google Maps offers an API that permits maps to be inserted on outsider sites and offers a locator for urban organizations and different associations in various nations around the globe. Google Maps satellite pictures are not overhauled continuously; in any case, Google adds information to their Primary Database all the time. Google’s bolster site expresses that a large portion of the pictures are close to three years of age

Advantages of Google Map Course

1) Map Views: One of the greatest points of interest of Google maps is the three distinctive guides sees it supplies. There is a typical guide see, a satellite picture view, and a landscape view, contingent upon the need of the client.

2) Various Destinations: Another point of preference is that if the client needs headings that incorporate various stops, Google maps effectively adds another destination to the course with a solitary snap.

3) Straightforwardness: The straightforwardness of Google maps is a regularly disregarded point of interest. The site is extremely straightforward. It does what it needs to manage without mistaking the client for superfluous fancy odds and ends.

4) Travel Type: One last point of interest to the site is the capacity to choose the kind of travel you will be utilizing while getting bearings. The client can choose on the off chance that she is going via auto, open transportation, or notwithstanding strolling.

5) The Zoom Feature: The one weakness with Google maps is its zoom highlight. The guide appears to zoom to the focal point of the guide screen, bringing about the client to always move the guide when zooming in.

Google Map Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Google
  • Why Create a Google Account?
  • Google as a Search Engine
  • A Googol of Search Tools
  • Managing your Gmail
  • Getting Connected with Google Hangout
  • Using Google Calendar to Stay Organized
  • All about Apps
  • The Educational Possibilities of Google Drive
  • The Many Layers of Google+
  • Capturing your Classroom’s Attention with Picasa
  • Creating a Classroom Website with Google
  • Blogger: A Google Blog
  • Staying Current with Google News
  • Get Lost in Google Maps
  • Using Google Groups to Promote Online Discussion
  • A New View on YouTube
  • Google Lesson Plans and Resources
  • Google Going Mobile

FAQ's About Google Map Course Training Institute In Delhi

Answer: Google Maps is a free online map from Google. It’s accessible through your web browser or as an app for mobile devices. You can use Google Maps to get step-by-step directions, find information about local businesses, and a whole lot more!

Answer: Google Maps was created by a pair of Denmark-born but Sydney-based developers. Brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen co-founded a startup mapping company in early 2003 called Where 2 Technologies. A year later, they sold that company to Google, which would later turn it into Google Maps.

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