CSS3 Course

CSS3 Course

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CSS3 Course

Duration :
2 Months

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Regular: Mon to Fri
Weekend: Sat & Sunday
Alternate: MWF / TTS

About CSS3


CSS3 is the latest version of cascading style sheets to learn. It brings a considerable measure of hotly anticipated oddities, as adjusted rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations and additionally new layouts like multi-columns, adaptable box or framework designs. Websites Font colors, sizes, background colors with its more properties, border, sizes, alignments etc. all can be done with CSS3. In Bapu Graphics CSS3 is covered with its more advance features like of animations, gradients, effects 2D and 3D transforms, transitions, multiple coloumns.

What is CSS3 ?

Cascading style sheet version 3 helps for making looks and formatting HTML codes design. Website with thousands of pages saves their different fonts style, color style, border style in one CSS file. HTML5 combining with CSS3 makes looks website more advanced and interactive to the users. With the help of Css3 we can represent our HTML5 code in different styles for different rendering methods like in monitors, mobiles, in print or by voice on speech based browsers. With the help of CSS 3 ,developer can create Table less websites and make them Responsive too. Responsive web designs allows to view designs in different size of screens with different designs For eg in mobiles, screens or tabs.

Advance Features of the Course

Advance tips,tricks and techniques

Advance tips and tricks of css3 course is covered in this course. Through this students make amazing effects and learn advance working in layers, responsive web designs, giving curves and gradients, Image effects, Interactive designed hierarchy menus, animation effects, dynamics function in CSS, advance working with CSS3 margins and padding and more.

Objective of the course

In Bapu Graphics professionals covers CSS3 course in a very advance manner. CSS3 advance tips and tricks are covered in this course with latest study material provided by Bapu Graphics. We offer CSS3 training for professional, students and advance learners. Live projects helps students to grasp fast and opens doors of Job placement by Bapu Graphics. Many students currently working in different companies with great salary packages after doing this CSS3 course.

Why should one Join the Bapu Graphics

Useful features of CSS3 is covered in this CSS3 course by Bapu Graphics like Browser compatibility, Color models, Fonts embedding, Calculating values with calc, Advanced selectors, Repetitive linear and radial gradients, Media queries, multiple backgrounds and other worthy mentions.

Benefits of Joining this Course at Bapu Graphics


Special Training material of CSS3 is provided in Bapu graphics.Teachers are currently working on live projects of CSS3 website. Latest features in this codes are it works best in rounded corners, shadows, gradients, transitions or animations and much more..

How to Start Learning CSS3 Course

CSS3 course will be useful for web developers who want learn how to create interactive webpages as well as improve their speed and usability using CSS3. Anyone can start Css3 course who have complete knowledge of Css2.

Jobs or Placements after CSS3 course

Bapu Graphics run its own placement cell and till now more than 500 companies are tied up with us. Students get job through our placement cell immediately after doing the course or during the course, There are many Jobs options after doing a CSS3 course from Bapu Graphics.

Duration of CSS3 Course

80 Hours

Weekdays / Mon to Fri / 2 hours class

Weekends / Sat - Sun / 3.5 hours class

Alternate / MWF - TTS / 3 hours class

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CSS3 Syllabus

  • Css3 Syntax
    • CSS3 Class
    • CSS3 Selectors
    • CSS3 Pseudo-class
    • CSS3 Pseudo-elements
  • CSS3 Layouts
    • CSS3 Margin
    • CSS3 Padding
    • CSS3 Positions
    • CSS3 Align
    • CSS3 Float
    • CSS3 Display
    • CSS3 Box Model
    • CSS3 Layers
    • CSS3 Masks
    • CSS3 Framework and Grid Systam
  • CSS3 Text
    • CSS3 Text Effects
    • CSS3 Text on path
    • CSS3 Fonts Embed
    • CSS3 Text shadow
    • CSS3 Text decorations
    • CSS3 Text Indents
    • CSS3 Text Transforms
    • CSS3 Word wrapping
  • CSS3 Borders
    • CSS3 Border Radius
    • CSS3 Border Collapse
    • CSS3 Border Spacing
    • CSS3 Border style
    • CSS3 Border colours
  • CSS3 colours
    • CSS3 Gradients
    • CSS3 Patterns
    • CSS3 Backgrounds
  • Css3 User Interface
    • CSS3 Resizing
    • CSS3 Box sizing
    • CSS3 Outlining
  • CSS3 Images
    • CSS3 Image Gallery
    • CSS3 Sprites
    • CSS3 Opacity
  • CSS3 Lists
    • CSS3 Navigation Bar
    • CSS3 Horizontal and Vertical Menus
  • CSS3 Transforms
    • CSS3 2D transforms
    • CSS3 3D transforms
  • CSS3 Animations
    • CSS3 Transition
    • CSS3 Keyframes
    • CSS3 Animated gallery
    • CSS3 Web Template Animation
    • CSS3 Banner Animation
  • CSS3 Media
    • CSS3 Responsive


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