Web Design Short Term Course

We have a Short Web Design Course that teaches you the basics and important skills for making websites that are easy for people to use. The course is taught by experienced professionals who will guide you through everything you need to know. You’ll learn things like how to design layouts, choose fonts and colors, create graphics and videos, and use computer codes like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. After finishing the course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to be a good web designer and have an advantage over other people. So, if you want to improve your web design skills, enroll now and learn new things that can help you in your career.

Web Design Short Term Course Overview

Web Design Short Term Course
Team BG
3 Months

Web Design Short Term Course

Web Design Short Term Course is a short-term certificate course at Bapu Graphics acquaints you with the essential outlining Web and required innovative skills. Learn this Web design short-term course in Delhi with Bapu Graphics and unleashes your innovative thoughts and makes them so wonderful that everybody would be floored. During this fleeting course you’ll learn Advance Techniques and programming bundles like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and Java-Script. With the assistance of our master employees on course consummation, you would have the capacity to make an Attractive Website. 

Web Design Short Term Course Syllabus

  • Adobe Photoshop (15 Days)
    • Image Editing Works
    • Working with Vector Shapes and Tools
    • Working with Selections
    • Using Layers with Advanced Features
    • Working with Brushes and Gradients
    • Working with Mask and Channels
    • Automating your Tasks through Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator (15 Days)
    • Drawing
    • Understanding Color
    • Special Advance Effects
    • Adobe Illustrator for Print and Web Media
    • Managing Shapes and Objects
    • Linking projects with other software
    • Advance Knowledge
    • Adobe Illustrator Advance Terms
  • HTML and CSS with DreamWeaver(30 Days)
    • Html
      • Understanding & using HTML
      • HTML headings
      • HTML Comment
      • HTML Paragraphs
      • Font tags and style
      • Hyperlinks
      • LIST Tags
      • Tables
      • Forms
      • Dropdown menu
    • CSS
      • Understanding & using CSS
      • Creating style sheets, Fonts, and text
      • Backgrounds
      • CSS Box Model
      • CSS Border
      • Display and Visibility
      • Positioning
      • CSS Float and Clear
      • Pseudo-classes
      • Define Custom List-item Markers, Bullets for UL, OL Lists
  • Javascript (15 Days)
    • Writing Methods of Script Tag and Variable declaration
    • If Statement, Operators and Switch Case
    • Looping
    • Alerts, Confirm, and Prompt windows
    • Array
    • Date Time Object
    • Calling From Div, Button, and function
    • Get Element by id
    • Form Validation
    • Pop Up and Print
    • Rollover
    • Slide Show: 3way and clickable
  • Responsive (15 Days)
    • Introduction To Bootstrap
    • The Grid System
    • Responsive Advance Support
    • Building Site Structure
    • The Home Page
    • The Web Page
    • More Advanced Options
    • Managing Forms
    • Customizing Bootstrap

Job Options After Web Design Short Term Course

Understudies holding a Certificate in Web Design might have the capacity to apply for positions like a web designer. The Web Design Course is a great prologue to programming for the Web and effective consummation will open up numerous new open doors inside of the range.

The job profiles for the web designer include:

  • Front end web developer
  • Design and layout analyst
  • Senior web analyst
  • Web marketing analyst

Job Areas:

  • IT Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Audio-Visual Media Agencies
  • Publishing Houses
  • Marketing Firms
  • Institutions
  • Design Studio

Placements after Short Term Web design Course

Great opportunities for candidates or learners who want to place themselves after learning Short Term Web Design Course at Bapu Graphics….. Bapu Graphics now provides job opportunities for all these candidates with the help of placement cell and procedures… Nobody remains an idol after gaining skill in himself, Everybody gets a job but he should know the things practically. Bapu Graphics helps to attain this with its properly designed course…

FAQ About Web Design Short Course

Answer: Web designing is the process of creating a website. The process includes many steps like graphic designing, webpage layout, and content production. A website designer uses images, text, HTML5, Responsive web design, CSS3, fonts, colors, and many other interactive elements to create a website.

Answer: The importance of web designing is increasing day by day because of the growth of other business sectors. There are various fields where web designers can work like Printing, Design Studios, Marketing Firms, Publishing Houses, Advertising Agencies, Educational Institutes, and anyone who has a website. Web designers also work as freelancers for medium and small web designing companies.

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