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Adobe Photoshop Art History Brush Tool Tutorial Classes

Adobe Photoshop Art History Brush Tool

What is Art History Brush Tool?

The Art History Brush tool in Adobe Photoshop is an interesting variant on the plain old History Brush tool. Both Tools repaint over an image by using info from a previous state. The Art History Brush tool, nevertheless, includes numerous choices on the Options bar that allow you apply brush-stroke effect to your picture when you painting:

  • Style: The Style menu consists of various-shaped brush stroke designs, such as Tight short, Loose Medium, Dab, or Loose Curl.
  • Area: This option controls the area that the paint stroke covers, independent of the brush size you select. The bigger the brush size, the much more area it covers.
  • Tolerance: This option adjusts the amount of the change put on your photo. A reduced tolerance value lets you apply strokes anywhere in the photo, no matter color values. A high tolerance value limits Art History strokes to area that are extremely various from the source state or picture, making your picture much less drastically various from the original.
  • You could use these options to develop an interesting hand-painted effect, which you can manage fairly quickly after you have some practice.

    The Art History Brush tool frequently works ideal when you use a state that's fairly different from the state you're painting over. For example, you could apply a heavy filter that makes the image practically unrecognizable and afterwards use that filtered picture to repaint with the Art History Brush tool. You could even completely fill a photo with color or texture and afterwards work with that.


How to Use Art History Brush Tool?

  1. Use any effects and filters that you want to use to a picked state.
    The Rough Pastels filter was related to the beach scene.
  2. Click in the far-left column in the History panel to select the state that you wish to use as the source for the Art History Brush tool.
  3. Select the Art History Brush tool from the Tools panel.
    You could additionally push Y to choose it.
  4. Select from the selections on the Options bar.
    Several of the options, such as Brush, Mode, and Opacity, are similar to the option available with the ordinary Brush tool. The brand-new options are Style, area, as well as Tolerance, discussed previously.
  5. Paint with the brush to obtain the result you want.

Adobe Photoshop Art History Brush Tool Tutorial Classes

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