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Adobe Photoshop Convert Point Tool Tutorial Classes

Adobe Photoshop Convert Point Tool

What is Convert Point Tool?

The Convert Point Tool edit existing vector shape masks and paths (shape outlines) by converting smooth anchor points to corner anchor points as well as vice versa.

After making a path with the pen tool, if we intend to modify the path without including (or) removing the anchor points, at this time Select the Convert Point Tool as well as click the pointer where we intend to edit the already drawn path. After clicking the tool on the path, anchor points are selected and also the tool changes to direct selection tool, with which we could improve the path.


How to Use Convert Point Tool?

To convert an anchor point from smooth to corner or the other way around: Select the Convert Point tool. Position your cursor over your preferred anchor point. If the anchor point is an edge point, drag away from the anchor point to create the direction lines that develop a smooth point. If the point is a smooth point, merely click and also release the anchor point to convert it right into a corner point.

  1. In the Toolbox, choose the Convert Point Tool.
  2. Click a smooth anchor point convert it to corner anchor point.
  3. Drag far from a corner anchor point to convert it to smooth anchor point.
  4. To convert a smooth point to a corner point with direction lines, drag direction point (rotate handles) to construct angle.

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