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Adobe Photoshop Pencil Tool Tutorial Classes

Adobe Photoshop Pencil Tool

What is Pencil Tool?

Photoshop provides 2 tools for drawing (painting) straight to the picture: The brush tool and also the pencil tool. Both tools function generally the same way-- you left-click as well as drag your computer mouse in the photo to attract. Paint uses the presently chosen foreground color.

The Pencil and Brush tools in Photoshop are very much alike, other than that the Pencil tool has hard edges by default and also the Brush tool could have soft, feathery sides. The Pencil tool could likewise remove just what it develops!

You can do all the following with the Pencil tool:

  • Drag the computer mouse to draw freehand lines.
  • Click at one point, release the computer mouse switch, and then Shift-click at a second point to attract a straight line between the points. As long as you hold down the Shift key, you could keep clicking to draw straight lines in between each of the points.
  • Press the Alt key (Option key in Mac) as well as click any kind of area of your drawing to change the foreground color to that color.
  • When making use of the Pencil, along with the Brush, Color replacement, and also Mixer Brush tools, press and hold down the V key to access the move tool temporarily. Release the V key to go back to the initial tool. This handy shortcut enables you while attracting or repainting to move a layer or selection without having to go backward and forward to the Tools panel.

How to Use Pencil Tool?

Pencil is a freehand paint tool. Unlike Brush, it can't have soft edges

  1. In the Toolbox, pick the Pencil Tool.
  2. Choose brush size as well as style.
  3. Select color.
  4. Paint.
  5. on the Options bar, you could additionally specify blending mode as well as Opacity
  6. Auto erase option enables you to make use of the Pencil like Eraser Tool:
    • Select "Auto Erase"
    • When your stroke begins on location with foreground color the tool erases.
    • When your stroke starts on area with any other color the tool draws.

More Options for Pencil Tool

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