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Adobe Photoshop Single Column Marquee Tool Class

Adobe Photoshop Single Column Marquee Tool

What is Single Column Marquee Tool?

The Single Column Marquee Tool is useful when you should cut simply a little wee bit from the edge of an image. When selected and utilized, this tool selects only one pixel wide area from a photo. Visualize yourself dealing with a photo and you simply need to copy a small portion out of it. If you are not making use of the single column marquee tool, you would either have to crop out rest of the picture or select carefully using the other selection tool. Benefit with Single column marquee tool is that it selects that little portion out with simply one click. This tool is extremely handy in making small repairs such as a thin scratch or fold line on a picture, or for getting rid of an artifact such as a colored line which are very common on scanned pictures.

You could either select this tool by clicking on it in the Toolbar or by pressing "M" on your keyboard. In the Photoshop Toolbar, Rectangular Marquee Tool is by default usually the one that is constantly noticeable. To select the Single column Marquee Tool either right click on the Marquee Tool area or left click and maintain the mouse button pressed for a while. This will bring up the drop-down and you could select the Single column Marquee Tool.

How to Use Single Column Marquee Tool?

  • Click anywhere inside your picture as well as Photoshop will select the specific pixel you clicked, along with each pixel on its right and left.
  • When you are done with the selection and also no longer need it, most likely to Select menu at the top of the screen as well as click on Deselect
  • A simpler way to do this is by pressing Ctrl+ D on your key-board.

Example: Click on Image and make selection with single Column marquee tool, then press CTRL+T and then expand the selection right side

marquee tool example
marquee tool example

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