20 Web Design Tips for Web Designers for Web Design Course

20 Web Design Tips for Web Designers for Web Design Course

Knowledge base tips for every web designer doing a web design course.

Tip 1. Use Designing Software

For designing web site you should start with professional designing software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make your web layouts. Students should learn this software while doing a web design course.

TIP 2. Design Custom Layouts

Make Custom web layouts that are easy to understand by your audience.

TIP 3. Design Themes

Design web layouts according to themes to look more attractive. Themes can be decided on the nature of the company’s work.

TIP 4. Easy Navigation

Locate the menu to make navigation easy for the user and make a user-friendly website.

TIP 5. Use New HTML 5 Tags

Use new HTML 5 tags to make your layout understandable. Some of the new tags that should be used are <article> <section> <header> <footer> <main> <aside> etc.

TIP 6. Be Perfect in CSS Styles

For designing layout you should be perfect in cascading style sheets work. To apply styles on your web pages. For more on CSS styles and its course click here.

TIP 7. Don’t use Flash Animations

Flash animations are not supported by tabs or mobiles and take time to load also not readable by search engines. So avoid using flash animation these days for your website.

TIP 8. Use CSS 3 or J-Query Animation

For animation use coding languages like CSS3 and J-query to get better uploading speed and support by all kinds of tabs and browsers.

TIP 8. Use SVG

For vector graphics use HTML 5 SVG tag. Which will make your website lightweight.

TIP 9. Adobe Dreamweaver

Most professional software for writing your all web codes such as HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, etc.

TIP 10. Make your website responsive

Work on a responsive website by which the website gets fluid layouts for Mobile, Tabs, and Monitor and is easy to view in all kinds of screen sizes.

TIP 11. Use Unicode fonts for other languages

If you want to make a website other than the English language make use of In-script language codes with Unicode fonts.

TIP 12. Work on Alignment and spacing

Website layout should be well aligned and work on spacing to make your web layout easy to understand.

TIP 13. Use PHP for Database Management

PHP is the most powerful code to manage databases. Use PHP to manage all your data for the product or service page website.

TIP 14. Not much movement on web pages

Use less movement or animated pages otherwise by the user it is automatically ignored by understanding as a flashy advertisement.

TIP 15. Avoid broken links

Avoid the simple hashtag links and broken links on your website. Test these links and fix all errors. Broken links are negative in your website for your clients as well as for SEO.

TIP 16. Work on Cross Link Building

Web pages inside your website should be interlinked with each other. Cross-link building helps visitors to understand the website in a better manner.

TIP 17. SEO compatible

Try to use all those techniques that are better for SEO on your website read in detail all those techniques by clicking here.

TIP 18. Work on Social Media

To make know your website popular start working on all social media websites. With the help of this more and more people will come to know about your websites. Also, give icons for these social media on your website where people share your pages with others whom they like.

TIP 19. Use Info-graphics

Your website should be full of information for which use info-graphics in your website. Infographics are easy to understand and make your website more attractive.

TIP 20. Focus on target pages

Use all essential elements and link-building processes to target your main pages of the website. The pages which show your product or services are your target pages. Focus on color theme combinations, typography part, easy to understand.

Follow all these simple tips for designing, developing, and marketing your website.

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