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Adobe Photoshop Rounded Rectangle Tool Tutorial Classes

Adobe Photoshop Rounded Rectangle Tool

What is Rounded Rectangle Tool?

The Photoshop rounded rectangle tool could save you a great deal of irritation when you need to make that shape, yet the tool itself isn't simple to find. Manually creating rounded edges on rectangular shapes in Photoshop can be tough, especially if you are aiming to keep some proportion on the rectangle.


How to Use Rounded Rectangle Tool?

The Rounded Rectangle Tool develops rectangle-shaped shapes and paths (shape details) with rounded corners.

  1. In the Toolbox, select the Rounded Rectangle Tool.
  2. In the Options bar, choose drawing mode: to develop vector shape layers click Shape layers button; to draw paths (shape details) click the "Paths" button; to develop rasterized shapes in existing layer click Fill pixels.
  3. In Radius area, set corner rounding value.
  4. Click next to button on the Options bar to establish geometry options.
  5. Pick shape color.
  6. Drag on the photo.
  7. When creating multiple shapes, use selector on the Options bar:
    • Create brand-new shape layer - to create every brand-new shape in a separate layer
    • Add to shape area - to create multiple shapes in the exact same vector shape layer.
    • Subtract from shape location - to subtract shapes from the present shape layer.
    • Intersect with shape area - to intersect new shapes with existing one(s) in the exact same layer.
    • Exclude overlapping shape areas - to produce new shapes in the current shape layer subtracting overlapping areas.
  8. To apply some special effects to developed shape layers, choose a style in Style picker (Options bar).
  9. When creating paths, you could select add, deduct, intersect and also exclude overlapping modes.
  10. Operating in Fill pixels mode you could additionally In the Options bar, select opacity as well as blending mode.

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